Decentralized Exchange and wallet provider, SaveFi, opens its pre-launch waitlist to the public. SaveFi tech has released its pre-launch waitlist to onboard early testers for its wallet and DEX app. The SaveFi wallet is a self-custodial wallet that gives users 100% control of their digital assets, and funds, while also engaging Decentralized Finance features. This simply means users have control of their Private Keys, with perpetually guaranteed access to their funds, irrespective what happens to the company. With this app, users will be able to set up automated crypto buys via their bank account, or their mobile airtime. Users would also have options to access quick loans via the app, swap between tokens, as well as pay for services such as recharging mobile airtime, flight bookings, and more on the SaveFi marketplace. The SaveFi app will also feature a global P2P market for customers to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currency for spending.

In addition to its plan to improve financial inclusion in the region, SaveFi also seeks to democratize and simplify the process of onboarding young African adults onto decentralized infrastructure. By offering improved wallet user experience ranging from the removal of seed phrases, sponsoring of transactions, ability to pay for services in any ERC20 token, the smart contract wallet app is well poised to play its part in ushering the next billion.

By prioritizing dollar cost averaging, the average young African adult can protect their financial future by racking up Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens in small amount, over time.

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