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Smart Contract Wallet

Unbank yourself. Take 100% control of your finance. Create a SaveFi smart wallet with your socials. Buy. DCA. Loan. Swap.

SaveFi offers to be the gateway to financial freedom! Invest in cryptocurrency tokens. Connect to the decentralized web. All with the SaveFi smart wallet. No Seed Phrases. Get Wallet recovery. Set Subscriptions. Share transaction fees.

SaveFi offers flexible stablecoin loans on accrued assets.

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  • Gasless transactions
  • Wallet recovery
  • Batching Transactions


Dollar Cost Averaging mitigates investment risk.

Set up daily, weekly, or monthly recurring buys for

as low as $5 on your SaveFi Smart Wallet.

Simply connect your bank account.


Access loans from your wallet for very minimal rates.

Savefi offers loanable cryptocurrency with loan terms

of monthly or biweekly installments that are withdrawn

from users linked credit cards.


Swap between over 50 vetted tokens, and earn rewards.

SaveFi Mart

Book flights, make hotel reservations, recharge devices,

all via the SaveFi Mart.


Trade your cryptocurrency any fiat off your

choice in our global P2P market.

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Take full control of your crypto assets with the power of smart contracts. Manage your digital assets securely and efficiently with a SaveFi smart contract wallet.

Join our waitlist for early access and a free $2 bonus when we launch